My love for science, and passion for art is why I have become enamored with photography. Using a scientific instrument to capture the light in the perfect way; creating an image that is better than how I remembered it. This requires the perfect tools and is why I fixate on the performance of the gear that captures the light.

This site is targeted towards reviews, but not in ranking the lenses against each other, but rather in how you can make the best use of the gear to help fulfill your dreams and passions as a photographer. However, photography isn’t about the equipment; it is about capturing the perfect image.

For this reason, I alternate between doing lens reviews, followed by actual photographs and technique, with a few instructional pieces thrown is as well. Too many sites today concentrate only on the performance of the gear, and you wonder if the reviewer even takes pictures. I don’t want to be that reviewer.

I want you to understand why you buy the gear you do. What the advantage and disadvantages are required in larger sensors, what it means for a lens to have soft corners, field curvature, and chromatic aberrations, and what this means to your photography.

– Eric Tastad


  1. Zhou Yu says:

    Great job testing FA77. I echo your review.

    When I compare FA77 with my old K85 f1.8, I found some important differences. FA77 has lower CA at f1.8. So the image at f1.8 is sharper. The performance is visibly better at mid range(100 feet). K85 makes soft glow which is not bad for portrait. Most technical charts do not seem to differentiate IMQ between short and long distances. However, both lenses create contrasty images which are typical for Pentax.

    Finally, it would be a great idea to specify your “wish list.” What specific lenses and bodies are you interested in? This would help potential donors.

    Good job!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! And what a great idea about the wish list. I hadn’t thought of doing that, and I will see what I can put together.


  3. Falk Lumo says:

    I just saw your site. My compliments for what is a great web site and photography blog. Esp. your attention to MTF20 figures is much appreciated.

    I’ve added your site onto my blog roll.

    Kind regards,

  4. I just wanted to echo Falk Lumo: Just found your site, and found a few very interesting lenses here, both for NEX and K Mount (aka Pentax)! Thanks for your effort, and yes the FA77 is an amazing lens, just as I find DA50-135, and the FA43. A few Tamron is also among the best, but as yet no spectacular Sigmas :-)!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. admin says:

    Thanks! I really loved the image quality from the FA77. I hated to let that one go. However, to test as many lenses as possible, I can’t keep them all 🙂 Same with the 50-135mm. The FA43mm I haven’t used yet, but it looks like a winner too.

  6. Young says:

    Would you please review the Fijifilm 14mm lens, on the X series ? Thank you.

  7. admin says:

    I might try to review that one and the 12mm Zeiss. Rental costs are pretty high though, roughly $50 per lens for the weekend, so I am happy if people want to donate, I have a PayPal link on my Support page. http://erphotoreview.com/wordpress/?page_id=2206



  8. admin says:

    I have the 12mm Zeiss and 14mm Fuji coming next week. Renting them for reviews.


  9. Lorenzo says:

    Hello Eric,

    I write to you from Spain and I´m very interested on your reviews but I am not be able to read it. Is there any problem with the web? When I click in “read more” nothing new appears. Should I pay for reviews?

    Thank you very much!

  10. Maurizio says:

    Fantastic job, I have to make a donation, it is very nice to see the things we can do driven by a strong passion.
    Thank you very much