Samsung NX 30mm f/2 Pancake on NX20

Samsung NX 30mm f/2 Pancake on NX20

How does this classic standard stack up against the 20 MP sensor in the NX20?

I am updating resolution numbers from my review of the lens on NX11. Picture from NX11 review.

Uncorrected Optical Performance

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Comments on the Results

These are uncorrected results from LR4.1. The lens is extremely sharp in the center at all aperture settings and very good even in the corners from wide open, but excellent by f/4 to f/8. The resolution characteristics of this lens are great considering the size and cost.

Distortion isn’t bad considering this is uncorrected at about -1.15% (numeric average for all apertures) for a lens that was meant to have corrections applied by the camera.
Lateral CA is well controlled, even without corrections, having only about 3/4 pixel width at the edges uncorrected. Longitudinal CA is visible at f/2, but mostly disappears on stopping down (see graph photos at end of review).

Purple fringing is visible, mostly at f/2, but it isn’t bad. Average for this class of lens.

Coma and astigmatism aren’t bad, but there is some deformation of the bokeh circles in the corner wide open that disappear once stopped down.

I will update flare resistance and post some gallery shots in the next week or so.

I measured the focal length again, and got the same result of 33mm at 1:54 magnification. This makes this lens a true 50mm equivalent (1.53 * 33 = 50mm).

Pros and Cons

Bottom Line

Not much to say, this lens is an amazing performer considering all factors. It out resolves even the 20 MP sensor in the center at all apertures and the edges at f/4 and f/5.6. You generally shouldn’t compare between sensors, but the lens is clearly getting the best out of the Samsung 20 MP sensor, resolving almost 1000 LW/PH more than on the NX11 at f/5.6 (remember, anything above 3650 or so isn’t meaningful since it is above the nyquist frequency). Every system should have a lens this good and basic, too bad most of the other system standard lenses for APS-C are lacking.

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